Poem for A Waiting Day

I’ve got a pocket full of hope.
Even today, into my pocket I can reach
To find a rainbow that resembles a road
Taking me to a new place I have not been before
A place that picks up my face, my heart, my head…
My hands reach up also, to reach stars and
Planets join together, singing Your praises…
In Unison, we come together as planned
To reveal our potential;
Humanity as ONE.
Have faith in our good nature.
L♥ve. Peace. Unity, and Harmony can happen…
PEACE walks among the lilies, the roses, and the daffodils,
Taking the rainbow road,
Harmonizing as ONE

St. Anger♥


We Are One Family

My fingers are alone wishing for a hand to hold
Your fingers are alone also
We are waiting for the day we will come together in peace
Waiting for someone to ask us to shake hands,
Waiting for our ears to hear an apology,
Waiting for our eyes to witness a look of remorse,
Waiting for our souls to release the pain,
Waiting for our hearts to prepare to forgive.
Love is just standing around the corner,
It awaits our invitation to come forward and
Make itself known in our world, our hearts, our lives…
I ask myself to be braver than before,
And to be a builder, constructing a sturdy structure,
A bridge on which we shall be able to journey,
Together as one, arriving in the land of our dreams.
I call upon the hope inside my heart,
To make me braver than before.
I need to know you,
My Brothers and Sisters.
This poem is my hand,
Please take it into yours.
Wrap your heart around it.
I won’t let go.

St. Anger♥

We Are Meeting This Way

Transfixed by the idea that we could really get to know each other,
I think of how our meeting might come to be,
And what you might say, ask, do – the first time we meet.
Then, as we meet again, we might be more comfortable.
I come prepared this time, with those things for which you ask,
And you begin to trust me.
The third time we meet, we bring our friends with us.
My friends come prepared also, to give your friends the things they need from us.
We bring a sincere apology, a desire to make amends, broken hearts, also.
Your friends begin to trust my friends.
More people join us. They bring what you need.
You are now sated as our Collective Cup runs over,
With more poured into it than it can even hold.
Like this, we have made amends.
You understand The L♥ve of the L♥rd, G♥d.
The L♥rd has made our Cup run over with PEACE,
And L♥ve, J♥y, Compassi♥n, Unity and Harm♥ny.

St. Anger♥

Elana Felice Stanger, L.C.S.W. (she/her/hers) is a gifted psychotherapist, a talented musical theatre performer and a whimsical visual artist facilitating a Global Dialogue On What It Means To Be Hueman. Through Unity Theater™ as well as Global Unity in Diversity Education (G.U.I.D.E.) and the Intercultural Healing Institute (I.C.H.I.), Elana leads hue♥men to harmonize and create one world of peace and love. Her unique brand of Art to Touch the Heart can be seen at www.DiversityArts.com.